Tar & Chip Paving

Michael’s Asphalt Paving in Macon, GA offers tar and chip paving, a less expensive option in which stone chips are embedded in hot tar. It is one of our most popular options, which is not only cheaper than asphalt but is also as durable as asphalt in the long run. We are the only tar and chip contractor in Middle Georgia. Hot tar is applied to a gravel base. While the tar is still piping hot, stone chips are thrown on top, so that they can adhere to the tar. Since a major selling point of tar and chip driveways is their looks, people usually make sure the stone chips are pretty, not just any old stone chips. For instance, you might want stones that are a particular color. After the stone chips are laid on top of the tar, a steamroller presses them in firmly.
Besides their splendid appearance, tar and chip driveways cheaper than asphalt, nor do they have to be sealed, thus cutting down on your yard maintenance. Tar and chip driveways afford good traction, since the surface layer is composed of individual stones. So rather than having a smooth and potentially slick surface like asphalt, the surface of tar and chip driveways is rough. Just make sure you find a contractor who comes highly recommended, because, if not properly constructed, the same characteristic that gives these surfaces traction also makes them more difficult to plow and shovel: namely, all those individual little stones sticking up.

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